Thanks For blessing me “4 days Ago?”

I know that might sound strange but it’s exactly what I prayed the other night with my wife. Before we call it a day we usually try to pray together and I usually let her pray first (she just flat prays better). After she had prayed a beautiful prayer for the day, she thanked the Lord for the day, my mind began to think about today and what God had done that day but all I could think about was “4 Day’s Ago”. Some of you know some and most don’t that on March 14th 2008 I had a quad.

Now for some that might mean a 4X4 animal style from In-n-Out

But unfortunately I wasn’t at In-N-Out. I was at RVMC (Heart Wing) to be exact, having my heart stopped and then re-plumbed to work more efficiently. Well in my case so that it would work period. It had all come on so sudden. But as I began to pray I just had to say thank you God for 4 Day’s Ago. That was the day that God knew He needed to stop my busy life, get my attention, and have a little one on one. And oh how blessed I am to have a God that loves me that much. After having the surgeon stop my heart, make some much needed repairs it was time for God to decide if I was going to be with him or keep me here for awhile. The surgeons tried (6) times with the pattles but it took God reaching down and giving it a touch to get it going. I’M living and breathing and learning how to live all over again but I know one thing for sure. I really thanked God for “4 Days Ago“. And lately even though I still let my lovely wife pray first I’m thanking him daily just for being The Great I AM.

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  1. Scott I am so HAPPY everything turned out ok. I just wanted to let you know that my wife,son and I have been praying for your health ever since you told me about what was going on. You will still be in our prayers for a fast a quick recovery. (dont know if you want to post this or not just thought I would let you know)

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